Zig Marasigan’s Sun Shorts entry is making ‘Waves’

Sun Shorts Waves

Sun Shorts “Waves”, directed by Zig Marasigan is the first among the three films by Sun Life that was released to the public. Waves also received the Press Choice award at the advance screening last June 4, 2017 at the Rizal Ballroom Hall in Shangri-La Makati (read the article on the event here).

One would wonder what Zig’s secret on why this short film is literally making ‘waves’ in social media. For me, here’s why:

It’s a story for the millenials, by a millenial, and from a millenial

Marco and Amanda are individuals like most of us; the Gen Ys and is Zig’s target audience for this film. We live in the now, travel as much as we can, love freely and take things lightly. And most often than not we are criticized for adhering to the “YOLO” mindset and forgets to think ahead and plan for the future.

This young couple’s love story is something that we can all relate to. “What is sea without its saltiness, what is life without its hardship,” Marco said in the film. It’s not an easy life we’re living, but young as we are, we choose to live easy.

And just like any good things, at times we forget the people who really matters and tend to lose focus on the path where we are headed. But what’s awesome is that it’s never too late! To start all over again, and to always be the best version of ourselves.

Life’s uncertainties and how we can prepare for it

The primary purpose of films such as Waves is to raise awareness and consciousness to its audience. And true enough, millenials are moved by this short story.

Marco and Amanda’s journey is also our journey, and we see in this story how uncertain our lives are. Tragedies or untimely passing may come indeed but it’s not enough that we accept that fact as is. It’s wonderful to have reminders such as their story, an easy portrayal for us to realize what our lives are worth.

Living a #BrighterLife

Just like the ocean and waves, we won’t know what’s coming that’s why it’s important to prepare. And now preparation has been made easy thanks to Sun Life Financial! You can avail of premiums in terms tailored for your lifestyle and income. Just like Marco even if unmarried, you can also invest and insure listing your significant other as a beneficiary (as long as both parties secure a CENOMAR from the PSA).

Life may not be certain, but we can always make sure that if our time comes to an end, those we leave will still live a #BrigherLife!

Watch the 4-minute Sun Short entry ‘Waves’ by Zig Marasigan below:

After “Waves,” two more short films entitled “She Said, She Said” and “Sayaw” from Sun Life will be released through www.sunshorts2.com and through their Facebook on June 14 and 21.

For more update, visit Sun Life Financial Philippines on their official social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Cheers to life, and a brighter future ahead of us!

– Nik

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