Midas King says “Be Alright”

Music has been a part of the human civilization since time immemorial. Its use and meaning remains unchanged to this very day – to convey a message and make a person feel.

Midas King

(Real name Johnson Dai) was born in San Antonio, Texas. With his dad’s occupation, MK has lived in many parts of the globe, thus he was able to learn and understand different kinds of culture. And music, a universal language, has been his way of expressing and communicating his feelings to the world.

With his African-American roots, Midas has a natural love for music. Influenced by his father’s love for the same art, he is now a musician, writer and composer.


Like every other successful individual started small; he once was a backup singer and member of a now disbanded group until he decided to make his own name in the industry. That was when he founded Midas King Music.

With his influence slowly reaching a much larger reach of listeners across the globe, a fresh set of music is on its way with Be Alright as the next single to be released.

His Hip Hop and R&B music gets its listeners to their feet and grooving, makes them feel, enjoy and just live.


His upcoming single “Be Alright” is a statement itself which, Midas King says himself will change lives. This song sings of happiness, peace, joy and unity. Encouraging people from different walks of life to be happy, remain happy and be optimistic at all times. That despite how the world we live in today seems so divided, everything is and will be alright.

Watch out for Be Alright‘s release and stay tuned on what’s next for Midas King by following his social media accounts below for real-time updates!

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