Inner Worlds by Adrian Gonzales

Inner Worlds by Adrian Gonzales

Paying homage to his Vogue days, Adrian Gonzales releases a new set of photos which encapsulates the things that he’s learned in the industry entitled “Inner Worlds.”

Adrian Gonzales’s artistic roots traces back to the glory days of then budding digital photography. Landing his way to an exhibit with Vogue Italia and jobs in different media companies (read more about Adrian’s beginnings here), there’s really no stopping this guy from climbing his way to the top.

Reaching the Summit

Literally, Adrian is working his way to the Summit. Yes, the media company. And while he was preparing the requirements for his new role, Adrian was able to create a fresh set of photos which highlights a wonderful combination of his old techniques to new ones.

Inner Worlds: Jurgen Unterberg by Adrian Gonzales
Inner Worlds: Jurgen Unterberg as photographed by Adrian Gonzales. The stars symbolize the various night outs the photographer has shared with his friends.
Inner Worlds

Even during idle times, Adrian still makes magnificent works of art through his photographs. Evident in this collection, the Inner Worlds sends out a message to Adrian’s friends his appreciation and longing to share good times with them again.

He also wishes to pay homage to his Vogue days through an amazing juxtaposition of his old artistic style with his new photos; resembling the techniques and methods applied in his earlier works including the photos exhibited in Vogue Italia.

The Elements

The designs, according to Adrian are based on his subject’s personalities. Having known them for years as friends and neighbors, he translates his knowledge and perception of their character in these photos.

Inner Worlds by Adrian Gonzales
Gary Lloyd Reiter by Adrian Gonzales

As Adrian explains, he finds Gary as the charismatic guy in the group, the leader of some sort. The design is centered around a surreal execution of his allure. With the butterfly perched on his shoulder, Gary seems to have a natural attraction of everything beautiful towards him. Because who wouldn’t? I know I would. Kidding!

Inner Worlds by Adrian Gonzales
Jurgen Unterberg as photographed by Adrian Gonzales

Jurgen, the dynamic one seems to be the person who is down with anything, Adrian remarks. He wanted to show Jurgen in a different light; one that is more substance driven. Hence, his face is slightly obscured, since most people know him as a heartthrob. And he is much more than that, Adrian says.

Inner Worlds by Adrian Gonzales
Andrea Reiter as photographed by Adrian Gonzales

Andrea, in this wonderfully shot photo is described by Adrian as a budding rose. Having met her late last year, Adrian is still getting to know Andrea. And what a wonderful friendship will it be when both of them blooms, right?

Friendship to most of us translates to family. Dedicating your time, craft and skills to show your appreciation towards them is truly something beyond expectation. And Adrian does show that in this set, and more.

For real time updates from Adrian and his magnificent work, follow his online portfolio in Ello and follow him on Instagram.

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