I AM WOMAN: Danica Magpantay by Adrian Gonzales

In celebration of the Women’s Month, here’s a tribute to all the strong, empowered and wonderful ladies around the world! This is I Am Woman Danica Magpantay by Adrian Gonzales.

Wherever you go, the Filipino Pride shines through. That’s a fact. Be it in the field of sports, entertainment, academic, fashion and even in pageants, we slay.

In our list is Danica Magpantay who has etched a name for herself in the international modeling scene. Bagging the Ford Supermodel of the World in 2011, Danica strutted her way to the top runways across the globe.

Magpantay x Gonzales

Adrian Gonzales first met then Supermodel Danica Magpantay in 2012. It was for an editorial shoot for a local mag based in the Queen City of the South (Cebu), Blanc. BLNC is an online fashion and art magazine dedicated to the underground youth, the vague and the implicit.

I Am Woman Danica Magpantay
Babaylan Danica Magpantay as lensed by Adrian Gonzales

The set named “Ang Babaylan sa Lupain ng Encantos” (The Prophetess within the Lands of the Enchanted) highlights a woman’s stature in the society. The Babaylan is a Visayan term of a Filipino indigenous religious leader who is mostly a female.

I Am Woman Danica Magpantay
The Enchantress Danica Magpantay as photographed by Adrian Gonzales

In this set, Adrian captured Danica’s elegant, dainty and soft beauty integrating it with her trademark fiercely features.

The Babaylan represents a woman’s knowledge, strength, leadership, maternal instinct, community involvement and prowess in maintaining balance in life.

AG x DM for MegaStylePH (July 2012)

The second of the three sets for this article is entitled “Heartbreak Kid”, an editorial campaign by Adrian Gonzales for Mega Magazine‘s MegaStylePH.

I Am Woman Danica Magpantay
WoMan Danica Magpantay lensed by Adrian Gonzales for MegaStylePH 072012

Following a broken heart, the photographer uses his distress to produce this series which screams: pain and vengeance.

I Am Woman Danica Magpantay
Side to Side Danica through the lens of Adrian Gonzales

Wearing a diverse set of wardrobe, Danica’s expressions in this set shows a woman’s bravery and freedom of choice – heartbroken or not.

Comfort In Your Strangeness

Inspired by Cynthia Alexander’s song of the same title, this set of black and white photos tells the story of a woman starting fresh and standing taller than ever.

I Am Woman: Danica Magpantay
toile vierge Danica Magpantay as photographed by Adrian Gonzales

This collection was featured in yet another editorial by Adrian for Mega Magazine’s MegaStylePH dated September 2012.

The photos in this set epitomize a woman’s struggles and success for another shot in life.

I Am Woman: Danica Magpantay
Strangely Beautiful Danica Magpantay lensed by Adrian Gonzales

Adrian wonderfully captured Danica’s wide eyed stare and fierce expression of a woman rising from the ashes – phoenix inspired.

I AM WOMAN: A celebration of womanhood

Growing up surrounded by women, I have learned and understood the vital role a woman plays in a person’s life and the society as a whole.

This three-part series of photos aims to highlight a woman’s journey in life: as a strong independent individual whose heart is tender and pure, whose gentleness at times gets taken advantaged of, yet continues to grow wiser, tougher and fiercer as the days go by.

I Am Woman: Danica Magpantay

I, one with the whole world wishes to express our thanksgiving, appreciation and love to all the women across the globe. There’s still much work to do and boundaries to push in achieving a woman’s much deserved equality. But you have made this so far, and we’re proud of you.
To cap off the Women’s Month, let’s give a toast to God’s amazing gift to mankind, woman. May you ever be more resilient, bolder, braver and beautiful.

You’re the Woman! Happy Women’s Month!

I Am Woman: Danica Magpantay

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– Nik.

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