Hassle Free Parking with Dibz

Who would have thought, it’s only 30 days before Christmas!

It is a common knowledge that the Metro’s traffic can be quite suffocating and extremely time consuming. And with the holidays coming, almost everyone of us are already anticipating the huge amount of vehicles on the roads – which will (definitely) be doubled, tripled, and, you know how the numbers work.

Despite the efforts of the national government and all its agencies, there are just lots and lots of issues to be tackled to get rid, if not totally, minimize this worsening influx situation in the capital.

Thus, private organizations and individuals resort to different alternatives – carpooling or sharing a ride, taking the train, utilizing the public transportation system and leaving their vehicles parked to lessen the amount of cars, motorcycles on our roads.

But what are the odds to find a sure spot for your parking on regular working hours, worse, a Monday on a -ber month?

Fortunately for us, we are now living in this day and age of technology, where smartphones and different applications continuously seek to provide ways to better our everyday lives.

And with that, let me introduce you to Dibz: Manila’s Parking Problem, Solved.

Dibz is a mobile application that allows drivers to search, reserve and locate a guaranteed parking space before arriving at their destination. For car-owners who don’t have an ample amount of time to wait for a parking spot, Dibz offers a unique on-demand premium Valet service at any location around Manila.


  1. Saves time in looking for an empty parking slotAn average of 15 minutes is consumed for drivers in Metro Manila chasing for a vacant spot. With Dibz, you can instantly view (and reserve) available parking spaces in real-time. You will know exactly where to park before you arrive in your destination. Pretty neat, huh!
  2. Parking passes and cashless payment – Gone are the old days of scrambling to find your parking ticket (worse, paying extra if you lose it) or needing loose change or coins for “faster” transaction. With Dibz, parking passes have gone compact and is viewable on your mobile phone. You can also pay for the service cashless.  Now that is what I call a swift transaction!
  3. Offset your residential parking costs – if you own a parking space in your condo building, and is mostly away or at work, you can rent your parking space with other drivers and monetize those idle hours when you are away. Offset your expenses while helping other drivers in need of a parking (in a way help ease the awful traffic on the streets). A win-win situation, right?


Step 1: Enter Your Destination

Open the DIBZ app and tell it where you are headed. DIBZ will display the available parking spaces near your destination.

Step 2: DIBZ A Space

Pick the best spot and call DIBZ! Dibz guarantees your space will be there when you arrive.

Step 3: Drive To Your Parking Space

DIBZ will guide you via GPS directly to the parking space you have reserved.

Step 4: Park Your Car

When you arrive, the DIBZ app will display your reservation receipt; simply show it to the parking attendant and they will let you right in! Way 2 DIBZ!

Parking with Dibz is easy as 1-2-3 (and 4)! Save yourself some time and get to your destination, at work, at school or anywhere hassle-free!

DIBZ is launching soon!

The app will be available on the Apple App Store and Googleplay.

For more details and updates, you may check out Dibz’s official site hereOr you can also follow their other social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pypes and LinkedIn.

In partnership with FasterCapital, Waze, Tag and WeCube

We are now definitely living in the future! Dibz is an example of how far we have gone to making technology and comfort meet.

The digital revolution has started and change has come indeed; let us save the Metro one solution at a time and let us take back our roads and streets!

Now that we have saved a couple of hours looking for a parking slot, thanks to Dibz, how about a cup of coffee?

Till next time!

Stay caffeinated!

– Nik

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